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This article  was supposed to appear on The Zambales Journal. But due to some concerns regarding the subtlety of the issues raised, it was scrapped, the reason? “Some words and/or issues have double meanings that would offend teachers and people” (What the heck! That’s why my column is titled ‘The Amateur Heckler” – can’t they stand my heckling?)

Another reason, “Some words are to vulgar, not to be publish in a school journal.” (a school journal where the target readers are educated teachers? C’mon)

Fine. I do understand their concern. It must been hard for them. If I were in their position, I will also think twice. Thank God, I’m not in their position.

Tha’ts why I am posting the same article here for the benefit of the doubt, LOL!

BTW…Special thanks to “The Professional Heckler”….